March Writing Challenge- Day 5: What’s The Worst Advice You Ever Been Given?


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If you haven’t already, head over to Marquessa’s blog for the 31 Questions March Writing Challenge.

The worst advice I ever been given was from someone/people telling me that I should hang in there with a person no matter how hard it gets. I call bullsh*t on that because that’s what it is. There is a saying that you have to pick your battles wisely.

Well, being in the South all my life, I have witnessed women “hanging” in there and it had gotten most of them nowhere. Their lives wasted on the wrong person when those women could have spent it doing something better with their lives. Though, there are the women who don’t take any crap from men or anyone, and refused to bow down to what people feel women should do and be when it comes to a role.

And then there’s me. I was told that if you don’t try hard enough then you didn’t try at all. They had me thinking in the beginning that parents supposed to stick together, live together, and take care of their child/children…together.

(I don’t really like following what others do and say, but come on! Some people are good at giving advice, but can’t advise themselves.)

Sometimes things don’t work out as they should and I felt like I gave it my all. But, I don’t want more of a new set of problems existing in my life. So advice from people who don’t have your best interest in mind in the first place, nope.

I feel like most people need to stop giving advice to people in certain situations where it won’t benefit them in the long run. It is unwanted and one of the worst pieces of advice ever.

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5 thoughts on “March Writing Challenge- Day 5: What’s The Worst Advice You Ever Been Given?

  1. Ooooo, chiiiile! That is one of my pet peeves! You’re miserable and have NO joy in your life, and folks say simple sh*t like, “You’re just weathering a storm”, “gotta take the bad with the good,” and one of my favorites, “what are YOU doing wrong?” The gaslighting is ridiculous.
    Relationships are hard enough, but when you’re ready to end a marriage, folks who haven’t been inside a church in 137 years will invoke the name of GOD in a heartbeat.. Marriage was ordained by GOD and is forever! WHEW! I’ve seen too many family members and friends fall victim to this line of crap.

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