March Writing Challenge- Day 2: Do I Have Any Irrational Fears?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Hmm. When I think about fears, the first thing that comes to mind is the emotional reaction to them and believing those fears will cause harm. Silly, right?

Since I was a little girl I had always feared being in confined spaces and I still do. Claustrophobia is a serious issue for me and over the years I have learned to cope with that fear, not so successfully, I might add. Being in an elevator or walking in a narrow hallway isn’t fun for me. And especially if there are people on the elevator or someone walking in the halls at the same time as me and we have to pass each other.

I hate the feeling of my heart racing and my breathing hitched. The thought of having the walls of a room or area I’m in closing up on me causes me anxiety. I don’t know how I became this way, but I know that I had always been in homes and most places that are considered small in size to me whereas it might not be to others. It’s not by choice that I live in areas like that because I had lived with others and that was how it was.

I supposed living in those areas helps somewhat, but there are times when I have to envision myself in a wide-open space just to cope with it. And not only with spaces, standing or sitting too close to people when I have no choice but to or them to me, is nerve-wracking but you get the picture.

So, the fear of confined and small spaces/places are one of the many fears I have. I deal with them on my own and have learned to watch my anxiety and not panic.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Day 3.

Do you have irrational fears you would like to share with us?

And join in on the writing challenge with us if you like.

5 thoughts on “March Writing Challenge- Day 2: Do I Have Any Irrational Fears?

  1. I’m claustrophobic too! (Is my list getting longer or what? LOL!)

    I have no problem with elevators or hallways, but things which are “underground” like sub-basements, caverns/tourist attractions, shopping areas, movie theatres, etc, terrify me. And don’t even think about sliding me into a MRI machine – there simply isn’t enough Xanax in existence to “keep me calm.” 😀 😀

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    1. Wow that’s not fun at all. Around here when it’s winter and we’re actually out and about downtown (non pandemic times), most stay in The Underground City. Yes MRI machines are a pain in the ass but I’ve actually falling asleep in a few when it took too long🙈

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  2. I say that I’m semi claustrophobic because somehow I can’t concentrate in closed areas. But it doesn’t freak me out first time. I’m glad that you could at least envision yourself in larger spaces as a coping mechanism.

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