When Does the Mask Comes Off? #TuesdayThoughts 

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It had never occurred to me that you can go through life with someone for so many years and still not know them. Most people put on masks for whom they like to portray for at that moment, and leave you in utter shock at the fact that they’d manipulated, betrayed you for so long. They will make themselves out to be the victim when all along they played you like a used up fiddle.Have you ever been to the point where you just want to throw your hands up and say, F**k it! I’m tired of fighting and redeeming myself loyal and worthy. “?

When you had dealt with a person you thought you can trust, and they turned around and done the unthinkable, you lose a part of yourself every day. Like a good-hearted person, you want to give them a chance. But, how many chances can you give them time after an exhausting time?

When does the mask come off? Who are they really? Love shouldn’t have to be so hard.

Your heart is bleeding. You are fighting your way out of a dark tunnel- to a light that shines bright to another day. Your soul can’t go on any longer in such a toxic situation. Where is the peace? When and how can you lift yourself up to remove yourself out of a tangled web you didn’t weave to begin with?

Know that you are loved. You are special and don’t deserve any type of abuse. You will come out of whatever negative and toxic situation you are in. Take it one day at a time.

Love yourself first. Have a wonderful day! 🌹

From 2016


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