#WordlessWednesday- Getting Into Crystals and Stones Healing & Meditation

I brought this kit from Dancing Bear on Amazon last month, and I’m planning on learning more about crystals and stones now that I have them. I also would like to get more and start collecting and learning more about them as well. I am so eager and excited in getting started.

What do you think about stones and crystals?

What stones and crystals do you have, and what are the ones would you like to have?


13 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday- Getting Into Crystals and Stones Healing & Meditation

  1. Great photos of your Crystal’s by the way😊
    Even though my religion may coincide with crystals, chakras and such(from what I am told), I did do some research on the chakras pertaining to each body part and was amazed. I ordered black crystals recently because they repel negative energy especially if worn on the body. It arrived from Amazon in a cute, velvet bag.
    Congrats on your journey hon’! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. You’re welcome, and thank you. 😊 I was once told growing up that this stuff was “of the devil” but stones and crystals, etc. are good for you though. I supposed the people only wanted me to just go to church and read bibles. Lol.
      I’m glad to hear you ordered black crystals. Amazon got so much stuff there. And glad you did research on the chakras. I hope you have an amazing day. 💜

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      1. Yes! Oh, and I just remembered that they are the Black Tourmaline Crystal’s I ordered. My husband creates gorgeous beaded jewelry patterned after chakras and he uses precious stones too.

        I was always taught that it was of the devil. But I always wondered..stones are of this world/earth. God made it. So it’s all good. Anyhow, thanks again and have a great day😊

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  2. After reading how crystals are used in our technology and can store data. I finally believe that theres something to these pretty rocks. If the energy can be used in our gadgets, then they can for sure be used on our bodies. Have fun on your new journey!

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