#CampNanowrimo, Writing, And Me #MondayBlogs

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Hi everyone! I hope your weekend went well. I can’t believe how fast this month is going by.

When I started #CampNanowrimo, I had thought I had set some realistic goals for myself. Not only had I changed my word count goal from 50K to 30K, I had changed the novel I wanted to write.

Well, for one, I didn’t know that for the Camp, you can set your own work count goal until a week after I started. It’s different from the regular Nanowrimo where the word count is set to 50K and there’s no changing it.

I had started out revising Secrets Unveil to becoming frustrated and tired of it. I ended up jumping to the second novel, its sequel, which is called, Secrets To Live By. I had started out writing this novel during Nano 2016 and had gotten to 50k. I went back this month to attempt to finish it because 50K is too short for a novel.

Have you ever had this notion to change something constantly in a given month? And it left you almost feeling indecisive and struggling with it? Yeah, me too.

I had struggled with what I want to do with the two novels. The first is completed and the second is nearing a completion just needs a few more thousands of words and edits. Can’t forget the edits.

So I had this weird thought, well, not so weird, to put the second novel first and not publish the first one. Yeah, I know right, what? I questioned myself the entire month. I had stopped flip flopping and just kept writing Book 2.

Still, I wondered what to make of former Book 1, Secrets Unveil. So I posted my question to Quora. So I have decided to either:

Merge Book 1 to Book 2 or,

Cannibalized parts of Book 1 and add them to Book 2.

My original thought was to try to rewrite the first book to and released it before the second book, of course because 1 becomes before 2. The thing is I had tried to rework Secrets Unveil so many times and it had become to the point where I am like, “f*ck it!”

Still, I was also thinking of just putting the first novel on WattPad if I don’t merge it or add parts of it Book 2 since I don’t plan on publishing it for sale; at least, not anytime soon.

The truth about Secrets Unveil is that I had originally written it over ten years ago with a different title and the revisions had definitely changed countless times over the years. Life had gotten in the way and a lot of other things and I had to put it down for years. Long story short, this novel itself used to be two novels merged into one.

I had learned that I have to seriously make my mind up on what I want to do because I don’t want to spend another so years still not publishing what I have written.

Okay. I said a mouthful. I know, I know. I sometimes have issues trying to make something perfect and making a final decision on something. Yeah, I need to get my act together on that.

Have ever gone through this and how were you able to overcome it? Tell us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

With love,



6 thoughts on “#CampNanowrimo, Writing, And Me #MondayBlogs

  1. Put both manuscripts in a drawer and write something else totally different. Poetry, a short story, journal entries… anything. Get the books out of your head. BEFORE you touch them again, write a fresh outline, then use it as a guide, using only scenes/rewrites that move the story forward.

    No guarantees but this has helped me a time or two. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Felicia. I had definitely put them down for a few years before coming back to them. I will take some time to decide what I’m going to do. Thanks again for your comment. 😁❤

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