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Photo taken by me a year ago. (2019)

Hi lovelies! I ended up doing two posts in one because it was basically about the same thing. First one is Wordless Wednesday, except with words. Lol. Second, well, it’s a post I wanted to share. 

I started collecting feathers two years ago without first planning to do so. It just so happened. I didn’t realize I was doing this until I was cleaning out my purse one day and saw a ziploc bag of a few feathers. This would occur whenever I am out walking, something I love doing. But, you knew that already.

Since then, whenever I come across a feather or two, (or more) I would gather them. And give thanks to whatever bird who lost its feather(s). I don’t always pick up every single feather I see; only when I feel like I should (spiritually.)

Now, as you can see in the photo above, I have collected quite a lot. Fifty, I believe.

I plan on holding on them and probably use them in some way.

Note: Each culture has different feather meanings. And each color of a feather has its own meaning. Below, I have included an article from Woot and Hammy’s website for reference, because they pretty sum it up better than I could. Feel free to click on the link to lead you to their website. 

what do feathers mean

Finding feathers

Finding a feather can be an uplifting, spiritual experience, especially when you find one in an unexpected place such as in your house or in your purse, where there isn’t an easy way to explain its presence.

Any feather can be a sign, but the meaning of finding a feather in an unusual place or having one suddenly float across your path can especially seem to be a sign from the angels or from a loved one who has passed to the other side.

You may wonder, “what is the meaning of finding a feather?” Because it is a very personal experience, the meaning will be different for each person.

To get a clearer understanding of the significance of the feather, you might try to remember if you were thinking about anything when the feather appeared. You might also ask yourself if there is some issue or question you have lately been pondering in your life. 

The feather may be a validation of your intuition or a hunch you had been feeling to follow one path or another. Feathers may also appear in you dreams in which it would be helpful to ask yourself similar questions. 

It’s important to remember that a feather sign is the most important when it is personally meaningful to you. The most important question is to ask always, “What does this mean to me?”

A sign or symbol is only as important as it is to the person who is experiencing it – what does it mean to you personally or how does it fit into what you are currently going through in your life?

The spiritual meaning of feathers

As a symbol across many cultures, feathers have always represented a connection to spiritual realms and to divinity. And because of their connection to birds, they have always been a symbol of flight and freedom, not just physically, but also in a mental or spiritual sense, and communication.

Like a bird that soars through the boundless sky and has a view of all things from high above, feathers symbolize the ability to transcend and move beyond your mental barriers and limitations – to see the larger picture and understand what really matters.

bird feather meaning

They represent the freedom of your mind and heart and your ability to travel, change and move through life freely…

SourceWhat Does A Feather Symbolize?


What do feathers mean to you? And have you ever found any feathers? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.



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