Happy Juneteenth!

Happy Juneteenth! Though on this day 155 years ago was said to be the end of slavery. Though we have come far since then, we had gone through the Jim Crow era, Black Wall Street, and the killings of our Black race. Racism still hadn’t died. And 50 years ago, Blacks and most Whites wanted change, and we still fighting for change to this day.

Though, today, I want to be in a positive state of mind. I refuse to allow the ones who don’t want change to rob me of my energy. The ones who want everyone to come together and fight for what is right. To come together, or at least, let racism f***ing die! Be anti-racist.

Today and the rest of my life, I want to speak out against what is not right without feeling like I have to stay quiet to appease someone. To also spread positivity. Practice spirituality. Love and protect my energy, etc.
Enjoy your weekend. Stay bless.

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