Letting Go Of Control #Quote

How is everyone doing? I hope with all that has been going on and still is that you all are doing what you can for your self- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And, whatever you can positively for others.

The thing is about control, coming from someone who likes things to be perfect, I’ve learned that it can mess with you mentally. Whatever it is that is going on in your life, remember that control is like a fist tightening around your heart. It can cause anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. Release the grip of what you’re holding onto that doesn’t need to be tight-fisted and know that it’s okay to trust the outcome. Control is the state of fear that we all stay away from.

When you are trying to control (almost) everything, it’s like living in fear because you don’t know the outcome of the situation. It’s okay to oversee and care about a situation or what have you, especially if it’s your own; however, you should and must take a step back. Redirect your focus and know that doing the best you can is ALL that matters. And that’s because you matters.

Stay safe. Stay well. Never give up. And take care of YOU first before anything and anyone else. Much love to all! 💜💜

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