WordlessWednesday- Their Lives Had Matter #BlackLivesMatter

From @DopeBlackness on Instagram

I know this is a Wordless Wednesday post, but this is my blog and I have to say: I am tired of saying the same things over and over because I am constantly seeing history repeat itself. I want to see action taken place. I want to see change. So many Black lives in less than a decade and there are more than didn’t make headlines news. And this also goes back to the days of Emmett Till and everything after and before.

I want other race of people to stop saying “angry Black woman” and “angry Black man”, and just stop doing things to make someone angry. It’s hard as it is without someone hate someone else for no particular reason except that they hate what race you are. Then why in the hell were we brought and bought here then?

These law enforcements, city officials, government, and etc. need to work on these laws and do something about it. EVERYthing to be done over. This country hasn’t changed much since the Jim Crow’s days. When will it all get better? When it’s 50 years from now and I am physically here on Earth to see it, I can only pray that this world will be a better and brighter future. But, we need more than prayers. I would love to see equality, peace, love, etc. in this world, but there are people who are pretenders, people who are haters, the fakers, and the ones who are combusting with hostility. They are the ones who make it so…

To be continued…

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