April Writing Challenge- Day 25: A Balance Of Truth

Photo courtesy by: Google Images

There have been times when I would get so amazed by something that may not seem like anything to anyone, but it holds so much meaning to me. Gazing at the sunrise and sunrise stop me in my tracks as I admired its beauty. It’s so magical being hypnotized by such grandeur. Its only truth is that every day you are alive you will get to see it.

It’s something about the word truth that most people would run away from it. Or, to knowledge how true somethingcan be. It is said that if you speak the truth it shall set you free. I believe with some truths it will set you free, so you can fly away from others.

The writing challenge for today is to think of a word and search it in Google Image and write something inspiring about the 11th image. The image above is the 11th image and when I saw it, I had to recount to make sure it was indeed the eleventh image. It wouldn’t be my choice if I had to pick it on my own, but as I studied it, I realized it was appropriate for today’s challenge. It’s a scale with a person using a magnifying glass holding it up to the word “truth” as it is expanded.

The challenge is to write something inspiring from the image and the way my week went I could use some inspiration. I hope I could do the image some justice. Here goes:

When the truth is magnified, we must understand the purpose behind what we don’t know. When we avoid the truth, it weakens the balance of what we perceive the truth to be and what we perceive to be a lie. Or something unknown in between. The universal experience we can share should not make us want to hide away our true selves because the lie is better than the truth.

Why is a lie better? Most people are afraid and most don’t care. Though, we must be true to ourselves and not give in to the masses who believe that if they lie long enough and often that others will believe them, and in. most cases, wholeheartedly. We must hold steadfast to what we believe in, what we work so hard for, and not give up. And not give in.

Life IS better when everyone is honest and respectful and caring with love in the heart. But, the real world isn’t known to be that way and still, we must know that sometimes it is best not to say anything. And yet, being silent is the same as saying something. So what then?

It is hard. Hard because of everything that is happening and what had happened in yesteryears, we don’t know if we are being lied to or being told the truth. We have to get the understanding for ourselves and not jump so quickly on the bandwagon to what was spoken into our ears. We have to ask ourselves if what we are being told is the truth. We must feel it in our spirit and if our spirit doesn’t feel right, then we just simply cannot be agreeable to what is being said. From anyone. In all situations.

Nevertheless, with each other, the truth should be bonafide. The truth should be balance. It can be simple or difficult. The choice is yours to make.

“This is a difficult balance, telling the truth: how much to share, how much to keep, which truths will wound but not ruin, which will cut too deep to heal.”
Ally Condie
See the truth in everything.
Photo courtesy by: pinterest.com

Do you believe there should be a balance where the truth is concerned? How do you perceive the truth?

Stay safe and be blessed. Do great things and may you all have positivity and happiness in your days.

Thank you all for reading.

4 thoughts on “April Writing Challenge- Day 25: A Balance Of Truth

  1. such a beautiful post. You chose a wonderful word and did justice to it. I do believe that truth can set you free but also some can destroy you so there should always be a balance when it comes to truth and that balance should be set in accordance to who you decide to share it with

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  2. I agree with that last quote. I think it’s important to see things for what/who they really are. I have a friend who refuses to engage in anything he doesn’t see as “positive.” To me, that’s the same as always seeing the negative. Life is about balance, not bias 😉

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