April Writing Challenge- Day 22: My First 10 Songs On Shuffle

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

It’s no secret that I love music, and I mean extremely love it. I’m sure a lot of other music do too, probably just as much or more. There have been times when I would put together a playlist on my own, or without my help, Youtube or some other music streaming app would do it for me. Having songs shuffled save me from having to look for them, especially if they are songs I love hearing on repeat.

Today’s writing challenge is about putting my music on shuffle and post the first ten songs. The thing is about this is that I have done this already some time before just randomly listening to music. I like putting categorize music like for instance: Slow R&B, 80’s Rock, Reggae, and so on. I have a thing of having everything organize, and doing this with music helps as well. Though, I believe I can only list one group. 

Disclaimer: The embedded Youtube videos are not my own and I don’t own any rights to them.  You can feel free to listen/watch the songs in Youtube by clicking on the image and it will take you there, or however you wish. Thank you.

(The playlist can be view by clicking the horizontal three lines in the upper right corner to view the playlist in its entirety. You will then be able to listen to the songs listed below that were shuffled. And the songs changes up in the playlist.)

            My List of Shuffled Songs That Is One Of My Favorites.

  1. Shanice- It’s For You
  2. Zhane- Sending My Life
  3. Marsha Ambrosius- Far Away
  4. Ralph Tresvant- Sensitivity 
  5. Raphael Saadiq ft. Q-Tip- Get Involved
  6. Brownstone- If You Love Me
  7. Shanice- I Love Your Smile
  8. Michael Jackson- Butterflies
  9. Portrait- Here We Go Again
  10. Kris Kross- Jump


Have you heard any of these songs before? And what songs do you like listening to on shuffle? 

I hope you all enjoy your day and remember to be safe out there and stay bless.

Stay tuned for Day 23. 

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