April Writing Challenge- Day 20: My Celebrity Crushes

Well, hello and good morning/afternoon to you all! Wow. Today’s #writing challenge is quite something. Today is about my celebrity crushes and as I am writing this on a Sunday, I am feeling the heat. I don’t know about tomorrow which is when this post is scheduled. Okay, maybe not the heat most is thinking of but I still will feel the same about these celebrities.

Though I don’t like saying, “I have a crush on…,” because it sounds so high school. It’s more on the lines on who moves me and captured my attention and hold it. And something else I am not sure I can put into words.


  1. Idris Elba
Photo courtesy from Alessandra Santos on pinterest.com
When I first saw Idris Elba on a movie called, American Gangster, I was spell-bounded. He was acting alongside the ever handsome, Denzel Washington. Idris is so attractive with this dark chocolate, delicious…ahem in a suit. He captured my attention immediately and though the movie didn’t show him much because Denzel’s character shot Idris’s character, I was hooked. His smile is beautiful and that British accent…a weakness. Besides the physical, I love his spirit and passion for what he does for the world. He is an actor, producer, rapper, singer, DJ. He also does kickboxing. He seems to be the type of guy who doesn’t think he’s better than anyone which is a plus to me. He exudes charisma and dedication to what he does. I “crush” on him because of how he carries himself with confidence and sexiness. He’s not flashy, but I do love seeing those muscles, and he is humble. I adore this man and would love to meet him one day. 

         Favorite Idris Elba’s movies I love:

  • American Gangster
  •  The Jungle Book (The voice of Shere Khan)
  • The Dark Tower
  • Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Takers
  • Prom Night
  • The Unborn
  • The Reaping

            2. Keanu Reeves

x_2fb78ba2 | Keanu Reeves & Benicio Del Toro | Flickr
Photo courtesy from: pinterest.com


Keanu Reeves is a man of many words. I had first known of his existence when I was a child watching the movie, Speed with Sandra Bullock. I love the action scenes and how well their characters clicked. Then came The Matrix some years later. I had sort of watched the trilogy out of order. I’ve seen The Matrix: Reloaded first, then The Matrix, and The Matrix: Revolutions. His acting abilities amaze me and I am at awe of the handsome man at how well he delivered his lines. He is a man that is very spiritual which I love and he’s an introvert like me. I sometimes find myself only sharing what I may if I feel like I need to and if I want to drop some knowledge into people’s brains about myself. He is the same way. Keanu supports many charities and causes and lives a humble life. I love how devoted he is to what matters most to him. I recognize how much I was “crushing” when it came to him when his name or face would come up or shown, I would get this feeling sweeping over me that doesn’t make me feel like a giddy high school girl. It’s more of a calming energy of light that makes me feel warm and something else I can’t put into words. If I would to meet him one day, I might end up calling him John Wick. Lol.

         Favorite Keanu Reeves’ movies I love:

  • John Wick
  • John Wick: Chapter 2 (I haven’t seen the third one yet.)
  • The Matrix Reloaded
  • Constantine
  • Speed
  • 47 Ronin
  • Hardball
  • The Devil’s Advocate
  • The Matrix
  • The Matrix Revolutions


        3.  Antonio Banderas 

Antonio Banderas. Looking hot in his 60s.
Photo courtesy by: pinterest.com
I saw this Latin handsome guy graced the screen when I watching The Mask of Zorro as a young teen looking for something interesting to find on television. Back then, I were just amazed at how Antonio Banderas rode on his horse waving his sword around dressed in black. When he did that, I thought the mask and everything was just amazing. As the years went by, I couldn’t understand why I would love watching him on TV and why I am “crushing.” I believe it had something to do with his hair being long and a Latin man. He is debonair and funny and I find that attractive. Even when he doesn’t try to be funny, it’s something he would say that’s may not meant to be funny and maybe most times it is, or a face he’ll make when he’s not trying to be funny. His eyes are captivating and his voice with that Spanish accent- oh! Have you heard this man quote poetry? I love it extremely! When he voiced as Puss in Boots, I told myself I have a good excuse to watch the feline.  Just kidding. I would still pay attention to the cat. Antonio is truly a gem and I would love to see more of his work.

         Favorite Antonio Banderas’ movies I love:

  • The Mask of Zorro
  • Desperado
  • Spy Kids
  • Interview With The Vampire
  • Take the Lead
  • Never Talk To Strangers
  • Original Sin
  • Spy Kids 2
  • Once Upon a Time In Mexico
  • The Legend of Zorro

Who are your celebrity crushes?

I purposefully didn’t name any of these movies these celebrities were in when I post 10 of my favorite movies I never get tired of watching. I wanted to wait until this post to do so. Thank you for reading. Stay safe and be well.

Stay tuned for Day 21.

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