April Writing Challenge- Day 17: My Zodiac Sign And Whether It Fits Me Or Not

It’s something about knowing someone’s zodiac sign and whether or not it fit them. Well, today’s challenge is about #writing about my zodiac sign and whether it fits me or doesn’t fit me. My zodiac sign is Aries. Most of you may already know that because my birthday was on April 3rd. Before I get to typing away about my sign, Happy belated Birthday to my fellow Arians and Happy Birthday to the ones whose birthday is today and the next few days to come. Yay!

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

Aries are people who from my understanding are determined, courageous and passionate about a lot of things. I only know several Aries in my life and there are times when I can accurately identify another person’s zodiac sign by paying attention to the way they talk, how they use their words and the way they carry themselves. Unfortunately, I cannot do that with all signs, but the majority of times if I guess that a person is an Aries without looking for tell-tale clues like they had mentioned it on a previous post, someone said it, their dedication to the sign like going too far and beyond when they talk about an Aries, I turned out to be right.

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Not all Aries I know I like because there are a few that irks me like the little girl who used to like making trouble for my daughter. I have never known an Aries who are big bullies so that girl had some mess with her. Some Aries from personal experiences are far out there. I am in a Facebook group for Aries and there are people from all over the world of different ages, races, and background and they are crazy cool, and some are crazy crazy. Most of the time when I see the posts some posts, either it some kind of weird or too sexual. Like come on, many occasions we had to tell them that Aries are more than sexual beings and should stop posting too many sexual memes and images. I’m like, what moderator allowing those posts too go through, it must have been a man.

It said from Horoscope that Aries likes adventure, falls in love easily (or sometimes easily for most), loves energy- the physical and spiritual kind. They also like being independent. Okay, that’s my interpretation.

Aries are known to dislike anyone who slows them down, they are impatient always want things and people to speed up, moodiness, and short-tempered are a few of the not-so-good qualities they have.

Now, I am to say whether these qualities fit me because not all people have the positive and negative they possessed for the sign that they are. Yes, I am impatient. I can’t tell you how many times I had to hurry someone up because I had gotten tired of waiting. I am not all about myself, or as they said putting myself first. I don’t put myself first and that’s the problem I have.

Aries are known to tell it like it is and speaks the truth, sometimes a little too much. Sometimes I am like that, but other times I refrain from telling the truth and speaking my mind too often because some people can’t handle it. They got that “I can dish it but can’t take it” syndrome. Please let’s pray for them.

I do love the color red. It’s my first favorite color. It is said from Astrology that Aries women are extremely passionate and sexual, and I believe that is true, but extremely, though? I don’t know about to the extreme for me but I used to wear my heart on my sleeve until I thought to burn the sleeve. Luckily my heart was unharmed in the process and it safely put away in a locked…um… box.

I do like taking control sometimes and will give others the chance to go first, but don’t have me waiting for too long. I like being able to speak and do what I like and want to do freely. I don’t like it when a person is trying to date me and give attention away to another female species when it should be for me. Like ” Yo, over here, or get the freaking moving or else.” Sometimes Aries don’t say what we will do, we just do it, and you may be caught feeling dumbfounded of what happened. We can be difficult to deal with or easy to deal with, the choice is yours. And sometimes, if you think we are easy to deal with, we make it more interesting, because we don’t really like feeling like a butterfly caught in a net.

To know an Aries and to be around them and get to know them. We can be a little too much for some and our fiery nature can either burn most people up or warm them. Also, a person has more than one sign. There is a moon, rising and planetary sign. My moon sign is Taurus and my rising is Gemini. If you are into that kind of thing you can find out your planetary signs and all that good stuff from Cafe Astrology.

This is it before I stretch it out too long. I hope you all enjoy getting to know more about my Zodiac sign, Aries. If you want to check out another post I’ve written my zodiac sign for another challenge you can read the post here.

Do you agree with this post? Is there anything you would like to add, and are you an Aries and would like to chime in?

Disclaimer: The opinions I posted other than what is listed from the sites I included, are my own. Others may have a different opinion(s).

Stay tuned for Day 18.

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