April Writing Challenge- Day 10: Something I Feel Strongly About

As we all are being quarantined whether we are solely in our home or have to leave home to go to work and get what is needed, there are things that we will ponder about. There are things that will make us feel strongly about because those things or people mean so much to us.

For today’s challenge, I am to write about something for which I feel strongly. Though I consider myself to be a passionate and caring person, I tend to allow my feelings to get in the way. At times it can be a good thing. And other times I get too emotionally attached or involved that I had/have to work on those things.

The things I feel strongly about are:

My immediate family. They are all that I have. Though we are spaced apart even before the pandemic, we are always a phone call away. we do try to make time to get together in person to have what we call “family day.” There are barely anyone else in our family that we can be ourselves around and trust, so we do what we can when we come into town. I do plan on moving closer to mom one day as well.

The welfare of others who are deeply impacted by the system. The system can be corrupt. I know that first hand since I was a child. Sometimes the system (most of them) does not care about no one but to make money. They can care less about who needs a place to live, food for their child, and whether those people will have their job or not.

Which brings me to the protection of children being placed in the foster care system and etcetera. I’ve been there. The system took us from our parents just to have us bounced around from ill-fitted people to another. The homes weren’t kept up, and too adults leaving the older teenagers to watch the small children. And most of the times, that ends in a disaster. If they are to placed the children in the homes of relatives, why don’t they check the place out first? And the people. Children are being abused in so many ways and the system doesn’t blink an eye. It’s about keeping your mouth shut or someone may go to jail. And mind you, while I’m writing this, before that, when I opened my mouth to tell my mother my male cousins molested me, my father was told and HE went to jail because he came there raising hell. Nothing was done to them and their parents probably could care f**king less. The system needs to do a better job and though that was over twenty years ago, I’ve learned that not much has changed.

So yeah, the system is flawed. You open your mouth and the right people get hauled off to jail while the bad ones keep doing what they do to others. People want to keep a molester’s, a rapist’s secret. No one wants to talk about it but to sweep it under the rug. Which is why I keep my daughter with and around me. I work from home now and I know one day I would have to release her into the world but that day isn’t today or tomorrow.

My future. I feel strongly about that because I am getting older and as I look down the road and see that I am getting closer to being a middle-aged woman, I can’t help but wonder about what will be. And what’s to happen. A part of me feel going with the flow is better, then again, I’m the type of person who doesn’t like sitting on the sidelines.

Animals’ rights. I don’t currently own a pet myself, but I care what happens to them. I don’t like circuses and never been to one. It’s mainly because I don’t like what is being done to those animals to get them to perform tricks for the crowd. I also can’t stand poachers even more now because of a video shown in the media of one recording a friend killing a sleeping lion. And then another shot a mama bear. The agony of hearing her take her last breath was too much for me as tears rolled down my face. If that wasn’t enough, hearing her cubs cry out to her before they were shot caused me to go outside to get some fresh air.

There’s nothing no one can do about people who take human and animal lives into their hands for no reason. And why they hurt others in ways that are inhumane and just plain evil. It’s like you have to not watch the news, and may have to consider social media as well because it’s everywhere just to not get wrapped in emotions at what is going on in the world. And sometimes what could be going on could be a lot closer to you than you think.

***Writing this on Thursday as I am listening to the sound of thunder makes me feel like I should get back into my meditation. It helps to calm and relaxes me since I had gone into the deep recesses of my brain and started remembering things I thought I had let go of. Things I thought I was totally heal from. Though you can’t truly forget or be totally heal from anything just like that. It takes time. For some years now, I have been working on healing each aspect of myself. One day, I may speak on the process of rebuilding myself and the journey I took to healing. ***

Thank you all for your time and for reading today’s post. I hope you all are doing well. Stay safe and be blessed.

4 thoughts on “April Writing Challenge- Day 10: Something I Feel Strongly About

  1. Such an emotional post. We burry our pain and trauma deep down and think it’s gone but from time to time it comes out to surface and reminds us of all unfairness. Don’t forget that you survived and for this, you are so strong. Pain will never be healed but we learn to live with it. Thank you for sharing this post ❤️

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