April Writing Challenge- Day 7- The 10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

I am loving what today’s challenge is all about. Have you ever listen to a song and you was so enthralled that you had to play it over and over? I am sure it had at some time or another, maybe many songs, and it/they moved you. Songs make you feel happy, sad, angry, sexy, you name it. Songs may even help us get through some trying times in our lives. On my birthday last Friday, I used the power of music to help me to get over the fact of being in the house and to get over my boredom. It have really helped me, and still do.

Today I am to list 10 songs I am loving right now. I find it kind of hard because 10 is simply not enough, but I suppose it will do. I decided to choose songs from different times and genres and I hope you all enjoy. (Side note: I took the liberty of adding Youtube videos to each song.)

Disclaimer: I don’t owned the rights to these videos or songs.


1.  Bill Withers- Lean On Me – 1972  (He died last week. Rest in peace.)


2. Backstreet Boys- Show Me The Reason of Being Lonely– 1999

(This song is dedicated to my dad who passed away back in 2003. Rest in peace.)


3. Micheal Jackson & Various Artists – We Are The World – 1985


4. Jill Scott – A Long Walk – 2000


5.  Sean Kingston- Fire Burning – 2009 


6. Whitesnake- Is This Love – 1987


7. Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley- Make It Bun Dem – 2012


8. Elvis Presley- Can’t Help Falling In Love – 1961

I came across this song for the first time watching a horror movie- The Conjuring 2 a few years again, and ever since then I fell in love. I had also been hearing this constantly out of the blue everywhere I go. 


9. Madonna – Don’t Tell Me – 2000


10. Tupac Shakur feat. Talent- Changes– 1998


Bonus: Coldplay- Paradise – 2011


These songs are songs that I have listened to repeatedly as my go-to song, my feel good song, and songs that puts me in the mood to dance, feel, and to think about the things that has happened, is happening, and most likely will happen. Thank you for reading and I hope you like my list. Please do listen and/or view the videos if you like. Thanks again, and stay tuned for Day 8. 

Stay safe and well. I wish you all the best. Take care.

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