April Writing Challenge- Day 4: The Inspirational Ones #AprilWritingChallenge

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Yesterday had come and gone and today arrive with a basket of chances for us to do whatever it is that we want to do and need to do. Though it is said that tomorrow isn’t promise but when it does come, it’s like a present from God to live to see another day so we can have the chance to live, to get things going, to just be.

Today’s challenge is writing about someone who inspires me. The thing is, there is more than one and I simply can not narrow it down to one. So, this is what I will do, I write about them as a whole.

Who inspires me are the people who are selfless and they make it their business to help those in need. They are kind, loving, caring, and wants the best for others.

The ones who inspire me are the ones who embrace their spirituality because it is a part of them. It’s part of nature and all of us. They have humility and embraced all aspects of Self. They practice self-awareness, and of the Universe and beyond.

The people who inspire me are writers, bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs. The ones who inspire others to be successful.

The ones who inspire me are the humanitarians, the visionaries, and the people who touched the hearts of those with the power of their words, the caring of their own heart, the love they emit, and the greatness in their being.

I admire people who come from different backgrounds and cultures; from all walks of life. The passion I see in people who go the extra mile and practice empathy, those that make a great impact and leave behind a legacy.

These people instill in me to go and be the best I can be. To not complain and just do something about what I can change. And if not, then it wasn’t meant to be and to know that it wasn’t my time.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Who inspire you? Stay tuned for Day 5 as I write about the 5 places I want to visit. Take care.

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