April 30-Days Writing Challenge

Photo courtesy from Google Image.

Today marks the last day of March. What a month this have been and the fact that it had went by pretty fast, well to me it did.  As the month of April welcomes us with flowers or what have you, I am filling the month with a day-to-day writing challenge for 30 days. Yes, you heard right. 30 days.

I haven’t done this in a while so this would give me something to write about while being cooped up in the house. And it will give you all something to read about that may make you smile, laugh, cry, etc. (I hope I don’t intentionally make you cry.

Also, the writing challenge will give you all a chance to know more about me. I am not so sure on what I am going to talk about, but the image below tells you the subject for each day.

I saw the image on Pinterest from another blogger, and since I’m starting mines in April and not the other whatever-month-it-was, I am doing this at a later time than I expected. 

So sit back and get ready. I hope you all enjoy the next month during this corona crisis as I try to do my part to entertain you through it. Take care and I’ll see you all next month. 

Photo courtesy from Pinterest, and WordPress blogger.

7 thoughts on “April 30-Days Writing Challenge

  1. I love this! I’m a few days late, but late is better than never! I’m looking forward to pushing myself to write everyday! Especially since I have NOWHERE to go!lol I look forward to reading more of your content and sharing mine! Thanks again!

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