It’s Okay To Meditate, Accept, And Understand What Had Happened, But…

I had always heard the phrases about turning the other cheek, don’t let stuff get to you, and trouble don’t last always. Well, I would like to share something with you all that had happened last Wednesday.

My daughter who is in the fifth grade had told me that her teacher said something to her about her Black History project she had done. Whatever her teacher said on that she can’t remember because of what was said afterwards.

My child went to sit down at her desk and went back to work. She mentioned to me about a boy was saying something to her and she told him to leave her alone. That’s when the boy ran to the teacher and said that my child called her a bastard. My daughter told her that she did not said that.

The teacher had the nerve to say this, “What you called someone is what you are, and your mother is one too. I’ve been called worst, so…” Yeah, that’s what she said. I can’t believe she spoke in that manner to my child and about us. My daughter said she was so hurt by what she heard that she cried in her seat. The next day I talked to the principal and she told me that she had spoke with the teacher and the teacher confirmed that she indeed said those words.

I don’t like seeing my child upset. As parents, it’s normal for us to protect our children. I’ve told her it was NOT okay for her teacher to mistreat her. The teacher should not have put her personal issues on a child because of something that happened to her in the past. As for the boy, I was told the next day they had discipline him and talked to his parents.

Long story short, the principal mentioned she would talk to HR at the school district office, but the haven’t updated me yet on that. I was pissed, confused by the teacher’s actions, and wanted to say some things to her and do other things like…

Anyway, somethings are unforgivable and some may consider praying and meditating. You know, to get back into that spiritual space I must have slipped out of. Though, I don’t want this teacher to get away with this and I will see to it that something is being done. The teacher and principal are women and I believe they both have children.

It doesn’t matter the teacher is a different race from the teacher and me. It was just wrong for her to talked that way, regardless of the race. Take race out of it. No one not even them would allow another person, especially an adult who knows better, to called them and their child out of their name. It’s immoral and disrespectful.

Meditating while you are in the moment is okay. It’s not considered weak. To me, it’s from kicking somebody’s ass, I mean butt. If you are spiritual then you got to be a spiritual gangster because people will try to take advantage of you. Yes, I said gangster, spiritually speaking.

There’s a place and time for everything. Just because you may meditate, light candles and smoke incense doesn’t mean you have to bend over and let someone kick you over. Accept how you are feeling. Don’t mask it nor ignore it. Allow yourself to feel. Acknowledge it and understand that it’s never too late to check in on yourself.

Okay, rant over. How is everyone doing? Have you ever been through something similar or when you felt like the bad “energies” are really trying you? Let us know in the comments. Take care, lovelies.

3 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Meditate, Accept, And Understand What Had Happened, But…

  1. Pam, I tell people all the time that I do yoga and meditate so I don’t lose my sh*t. It’s best for me and everyone else that I stay composed. As for the teacher, I hope the principal and school decide an appropriate course of action because what she said is highly inappropriate. If they don’t, I suggest going to the school district and complaining.

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    1. Thanks Kathy for your comment. Yeah, meditating does help a lot. I’m trying to wait to hear back from the principal from the district because I want to get see some action going. I’m naturally impatient and don’t like my spirit disturbed. Thank you for sharing.

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