Reblog: Sometimes The Universe Sends Us What We Need, Not What We Want- by Emily Heron

We need to be happy with what we have in order to move forward on our journey.

Great article. Do read and click the link below. And share with us your experience(s) or what you think in the comments.

Sometimes we think we want things to turn out a certain way. We will hope and pray for something specific. We might take action towards certain goals. We might try to control situations that are beyond our control. But sometimes, the most healing and enlightening thing to do is to allow the universe to send us what we need rather than what we think it is we want.

An example in my own life has been several partners and jobs that came to me when perhaps I wanted something better, shinier, or more permanent for myself. Sometimes we just have to let things play out due to karma we might have accumulated from the past that keeps us stuck in seemingly stagnant situations. When we allow the karma to play out, it can actually be very healing and good for our souls.

In Western society, we tend to see things much more rationally and linearly—we think that taking action towards our goals is always the best way to create what we want in life. Oftentimes when we do this, we get to a certain destination, and instead of being happy where we are, we continue to want more and better for ourselves...

Source: Sometimes The Universe Sends Us What We Need, Not What We Want

2 thoughts on “Reblog: Sometimes The Universe Sends Us What We Need, Not What We Want- by Emily Heron

  1. Thank you for re-blogging this. I’d read about karmic debts from past lives before, and I’m starting to believe they are actually a thing. Reading this reiterated this thought for me. A lot of times, we need to finish a task in this life (I’m thinking) and that can make us feel a bit stuck or as if we don’t have control over our lives. The advice this person gives is pretty helpful. Sometimes, we need to just be ❤

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    1. You are welcome. Yes, I feel that the Universe wants us to pay off those karmic debts so we won’t repeat them in another life. And that we should not be so hard on ourselves and we could learn from the people, events, etc. that may come and go in our lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. ❤

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