How Do You Define Love?

What is your perception of love?

Mines? Well…

Love isn’t something to toy with. Love is something that you take the time to cherish, to nourish. Something that should be felt. It’s to be appreciated not possessed, Felt not forced.

No amount of material things can buy love even though some will try. Some may even believe good looks, good sex, and/or social status can define love- or how much a person loves you. If you believe that, you are mistaken.

You should never settle for anything less than what you deserve; and,

You also shouldn’t believe if a person can spend X amount of money on you, buy you a huge ring, and/or a mansion that it equates how much they supposedly love you.

Love is selfless, kind, patient, empathetic, and understanding. Love is being there at the lowest time of a person’s life, feeling their pain and doing what you can to make it better. And also, building them up, giving them support and encouragement. And it’s being reciprocated.

Love is also looking in a mirror and seeing that person staring back at you, and saying how much you love yourself, and doing the things to show just how much. Self-love always and should come before loving another. Because how can you know what love is like when you haven’t first given it to yourself to even know what it is like.

How do you define love in your own words?

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