Mirrored Souls- A Twin Flame #Love Story #amwriting #Fiction

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At first glance, the familiar recognition of mirrored souls was astounding as they stared deeply into each other eyes. Finally meeting at a resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, they embraced and held on for a minute longer before ambling over to a tranquil area.

She touched his cheek softly and said how much this moment means to her; however, her lips hadn’t moved. Though, telepathically, he received her message and planted his lips upon hers.

Unhurriedly disconnecting to watch the waves of the blue-green ocean, they’re relieved to have finally given their healed heart another chance at love.

By: Pamela E Hester ©2017

I do hope you enjoy this story as I had writing it. Thanks for reading.

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This micofiction story was one I’ve written in 2017 for the César E Serrano Foundation competition. A couple of weeks ago I found out I didn’t won and yesterday I found out I didn’t made the finalist list either.
Although I am hurt by that, I am grateful to have taken a part in their foundation. It had really helped me. I once made a post last November about the International Day Of Words and about receiving a letter about being their ambassador and such. 

6 thoughts on “Mirrored Souls- A Twin Flame #Love Story #amwriting #Fiction

  1. There are a lot of people especially on YouTube making money from this whole Twin Flame journey belief. I personally have believed in it since the 90s but never knew the term Twin Flame until recently. I had a tarot reading done by one of these youtubers on January who told me that I would have face to face contact with my twin first week of March. This never happened and I very nicely contacted her and asked for advice. Her response was as follows. It was my fault the twin never contacted me because I have karma and I am also arrogant and playing a victim. I was speechless because this lady has done 3 readings for me and I thought she was genuine. I never had all these criticisms put across until I pointed out what she had said and that I was confused. If you want to be on the TF journey then be on it and keep working at it and have faith in God however please dont keep tuning into the so called collective readings or pay out 100s for private readings especially when it is clear that so many of these people have an interst in your money only and not your vulnerability or feelings

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    1. I hate to hear you gone through that. For her to have said that she couldn’t have been an expert in the twin flame dynamic. This twin flame is a lot to deal with and not to be taken lightly. We, as well as others who are on a journey like ours have to understand that it’s hard. My own twin flame journey had taken me through some things. Good and bad. I am now working on myself and worrying too much about what’s going on with my twin. That’s a story for another time…
      Although I have watched the videos, I haven’t gotten around to contacting one for a reading. There are a select few that I do trust I just never contacted them yet. They are nice and a twin themselves so they understand, and knows how it is.
      Don’t let that woman who spoke so nasty to you get you down. You’re a good person and deserve better than that. Don’t allow it to discourage you. Keep evolving and manifest whatever you want in life. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I wish the best for you.


      1. Thank you so much I have been upset all day because of her and I am not for a moment suggesting that they are all likexthatxhowe er she clearly never liked being questioned and her way of coping was to then attack me. I know that I have loads of work to do on myself and that tarot readers can make mistakes however this lady’s response was totally cruel and abusive and I hope that she does not upset anyone else

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