A Dedication To My Father- Rest In Peace


It has been 15 years since my father had passed away, and it took over half of that to get over his death. He was my best friend but Dad first. He was a protector, wise, and generous. He listens and always seemed to know the right words to say. I know he would’ve wanted me to move on and to live my life the best as I can. I now have someone to live for, my precious nine-year old daughter.

(I am doing much better now. I’m healing and not blaming God for taking such a beautiful and wonderful person away from me. I am doing more with my life and not giving up on myself nor life. I am at peace.)

Take time out for you. Find that special place that gives you that blissful moment. Time heals itself. Take all the time you need, no one expects you to overcome your grievance in a day or two. You are human and no one should rush themselves. Go back to that happy place that lifts up your spirit. Keep precious memories alive.

I dedicate this post to my loving, dear father, Andrell James.
I love you. 🌹

— From my blog post, Through The Veil- Spiritually Speaking.


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