New Upcoming Content and Blogging #SundayBlogs

Good morning/afternoon everyone! I’m just checking in with you all about any upcoming posts I have for you. I have been busy working on new content and getting them posted up for you.

I’m still dealing with limited internet, and on Saturdays I get most of my work done for blogging at the library. 

Anyway, I’m still going to be doing posts for Helen’s SongLyricSunday. (Please feel free to give her a visit and to check out her blog if you like to participate.)

Also, I’m getting back to putting up more short stories, poems, one-sentence stories, inspirational, and spiritual posts. I had begun to fade away from some of them, and needed to get back to doing them. Though, I want to do something different this time with my posts.

Speaking of different, I am doing something brand new that I hope you guys will enjoy for the month of May. It’s an alliteration theme that I’m trying out for 26 days next month. An A to Z challenge since I had a late start with the one for April, and wanted to start them on a new month. This challenge will be called, #26DaysofAlliteration. (If you would like to try your hand at alliteration, feel free to join me. And you can tag me as well so I can see yours.)

Well, that’s it for now. I will see you guys in May. Take care.

— Pamela 

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