Happy Birthday To Me-  My #Instagram Post

I can’t believe how fast time has went by! I am #blessed to see another birthday. Another day. Another year. 2017 was crazy hectic for me, but I made it through it all.
Above it all, I’ve learned a lot, went through #spiritual awakenings and growth, #transformations, you name it. I’m not going to complain about any of it, (at least not anymore) I will take these lessons, etc. and all that God and the Universe had bestowed upon me, and do something with it. 👍

What I will do about it is to be #patience and #trust in God’s timing, not my own. I’ve learned to love myself and take care of self first, and to not give up on my dreams- to turn them into a reality.😃

I have a list that I wrote out that I may share soon, I won’t do that here right now.

So, to all that share this wonderful, special day with me, happy birthday, dear Arians! 💋❤

Instagram– @phoenixrise1

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