Time Isn’t Promise To Us

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holidays.

I apologize for being away from you all. The last few weeks have been…well… I can’t seem to find the exact words to describe how the last two weeks went.

For one, my internet has been down, still is, and I have to buy a new phone since the other one is beyond repair. It’s not easy, you know, to have a lot of work that needs to be done and you don’t have the necessary tools to do the work.

Now, I can get back to those things. Again, I apologize for being away from you all on here and on the other social media sites.

With that being said, three weeks ago, I was told that the woman who helped raised me from an adolescent was in hospice care not too far from me. I had no idea she was sick and didn’t had long to live, and my family told me that at the very last minute.

I haven’t been around my family in years and we don’t keep in touch. Well, thinking I had time on my side, the day I decided to visit her, a few days later, I got the news she had already passed away.

Again, I found out late. No one bothered to call or text me either. My internet was down so it’s not like I could have found out that way. My mom told me who was told by my sister.

I was devastated and cried until I couldn’t anymore. The woman, my cousin, she was an old woman. Died in her early eighties. I haven’t seen her in several years.

I don’t want to take time for granted again. Time isn’t promise to us. I’m glad I said my final goodbyes to her at the funeral home.

Life isn’t to be taken for granted. Love each other always and be there for one another while we’re still alive.

Take care y’all!

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