Baby, Your Love Kills Me #MondayBlogs #amwriting #fiction

Continued from Your Love Is Sweet Misery.

Warning: 18+ (Mature Audiences)


“He can smell the inviting scent of her perfume a few feet away. It was driving him insane! It sent an unbearable electrifying desire throughout his body and ached in the middle. He sat down his drink, ambles over to her with hunger in his eyes..”

🌹 🌹 🌹

Andrew wrapped an arm around Jessica’s slim waist from behind; inhaling that intoxicating perfume he loves so much. They grind against one another not caring who was watching; cause at this moment the only one that matter was them.

“Rock me slow,” Jessica breathes out, turning around to envelop her delicate, soft hands around his thick neck.

Andrew did what he was told, staring into her hazel eyes. The rocking intensified. Andrew groaned. Jessica slow-wind; pressure is building up, feeling Andrew’s thick hardness through her thin material. She threw her head back in satisfaction, allowing the cool breeze to ease her troubled mind.

She had a rough day over some finances on her part going wrong; and right now with Andrew, she felt exhilerated. The fluidity of their movements and of the wind blowing, her baby pink mini dress lifted up fluttering around her hips. It caused an upsetting murmurs from those who couldn’t or wouldn’t tear their eyes away. She made no attempt to smooth down the dress.

“My Andew,” Jessica sighs and hugged him tight. She could feel the daggers being thrown her way by envious women who actually thought they had a chance with her man. No chance is given when she is in town.

Andrew. Her comforter. Her lover, knight in shining armour. Her ATM machine. Yeah, she found the right one.

Andrew pulled away as the song ended, basking in the sight of such gorgeousness before him. He licks his full lips. So enthralled, he saw Jessica’s mouth moved. What was she saying? He wondered. Andrew’s mind was a whirlwind, envisioning sensual thoughts of them behind a bush somewhere.

“Do you want to?” Jessica asked. She nibbles on her bottom lip, coyly. An act that gets her her way…with anyone.

“Hmm?” He answered absentmindedly, lowering his head to hear her.

Jessica laughs and pulls him towards her, laughing as her lips mesh with his. He could feel her body pulsating electrifying heat against his body. It sent a feverish feeling throughout with an insatiable desire that forgetting everything and everyone; he quickly picked her slender body up and walked them behind a tall rose bush.

..Nowadays, you can’t do anything without a pair of eyes or two watching your every move. Some people gasped, mostly women while others whooped. But, there was one who sat mean-faced oozing hate for the couple who rolled around in rose petals, groping and moaning without a care in the world.


Stay tuned next week to find out what happens next.

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