Your Love Is Sweet Misery- #MondayBlogs #amwriting #fiction

He felt like he finally found the one. Beautiful, classy, intelligent, yet daring and sinful. One look at her since the day he found out his parents lied to him all his life, he knew she had to be his. He could feel it. It had tugged at his heartstrings with a force that both frightened and excited him.

Andrew grew up in a strict Christian home to parents who worked hard for everything they have and was able to put him through college. He never regretted attending Harvard, but he always felt like he was missing something- freedom.

He never attended parties or even dated much because his mother thought some promiscuous girl might become pregnant with his child and use him as an all-access meal ticket. His mother sternly forbade him to. Andrew lived the life his parents wanted him to- until Jessica came along.

She completes him- drove him crazy sometimes, but her love wasn’t something he was prepared for, yet he took it as a challenge. At times, Jessica would give him space and later, sucked up the available oxygen he has.

Now at a friend’s backyard party, Andrew watched Jessica sprint to the dance floor to a song he knew he wouldn’t be caught bobbing his head to at his bourgeois family’s functions. He tipped his chilled drink of Zinfandel to his lips, but not before cheering her on. He watched on; his light-brown eyes gleamed with excitement.

Her dancing of a mix- whatever dance she calls it- brought out the animal in him. She was winding her hips like none other, hiking up her dress like she had no care in the world. He felt like a lion ready to pounce. He can smell the inviting scent of her perfume a few feet away. It was driving him insane! It sent an unbearable electrifying desire throughout his body and ached in the middle. He sat down his drink, ambles over to her with hunger in his eyes…

Find out what Jessica does next to blow Andrew’s mind next week, same time.

-Pamela E. Hester  ©2016

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