Have Trust And Faith To Make Your Path For Yourself #Quote #MondayMotivation 

Good morning everyone! I hope all is well. I was inspired by this quote shared by a Native American man on a Facebook group I’m in, and I wanted to share with you all. (“… grow each day with honesty, integrity, compassion, faith, and brotherhood & ‘sisterhood.'”

This quote resonates with me because it took me back to the times when I would allow my family and a few non-family members to tell me how they thought my life should be. From the time when the States took my siblings and me from our parents to well into my adulthood, others felt the need to dictate to me. Each of the ones who did, so-called had a vision of how they saw my life is headed, or should be headed. They even had the nerve to say God told them to tell me.

Fast forward to now, I have a different mindset and have control of my life. It has taken me a while to get to this point; yet, I’m still working on self. One step at a time.

No one can walk this path for you, nor control which direction it should go. Take charge of your life and have faith and trust in yourself. This is YOUR life!

Hope everyone have a bless day! ❤

Photo credit: Native American Indians-Facebook

3 thoughts on “Have Trust And Faith To Make Your Path For Yourself #Quote #MondayMotivation 

    1. You are welcome. I’m glad you resonated with this and happy to hear you are healing. I hope you can continue to do what helps you to heal. Thank you for reading and commenting. 💜


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