What Will You Say Never To?


You don’t want to ever get to this point in your life…ever. Especially when someone needs you the most. I remembered twice in my life; once when I was a teen, my father needed me. He wanted to get back in my life and I always had something going on. Then he passed away. Same thing with my grandmother (his mother), while I’m an adult. With her, she had lived far away and I didn’t have a car. I didn’t tried harder enough for either and they left me here without their love and understanding.

You don’t ever want to be and stay busy for someone, because you just may never know what the cards may hold. Make yourself available as possible as you can.

The other three Nevers are self-explanatory. We come to many Nevers in our life, some not our fault, but we can learn from past mistakes in others and most of all in ourselves.

Love always. Stay 100% true.

Until we meet again,


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