What Is The Difference Between Twin Flames (Twin Souls), Soulmates and Karmic Relationships?

Lately, while I was doing some research on a project, I came across the difference between karmic relationships, soulmates, and twin flame (twin soul). So, I was and still am intrigued, and dug deeper.

In this article (link below), it stated that a karmic relationship is like an everyday showdown, credit course type of relationship. You learned from it and to make YOURself a better person. It’s NOT a forever love, of course.

Everyone heard of soulmates. It’s a once in a while type of relationship. The two persons in this relationship have a heart talk and steady flame. It’s a wonderful feeling to meet your soulmate, but remember that a person can have many soulmates. And, that can be as friends, family members, lovers, etc.

And lastly, twin flame (twin soul) type of relationship that is once in a lifetime. It’s eternal, deluge, a type that not everyone will come across. You only get to have one twin flame, because it was once one soul that was split into two and embodied two individuals in hopes of finding each other again.

Below, I shared a glimpse of parts of the article so you can see the difference between the three types of relationships. You may want to click on the link to get more in-depth information.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your weekend! ❤✨

Karmic Relationship:

We form karmic ties with people we’ve known in our past lives and have some unfinished businesses or unresolved issues with.

It’s a debt that one must pay to the other, and a valuable developmental lesson that the other one offers in return.

Karma does not “punish” but rather enables the soul to come back and do some corrective work in order to move on.

The soul remembers its embodied lifetimes and attachments, and will knowingly choose the souls it needs to meet again, if they have some unfinished history together.


Soulmate is either a person you used to know in your previous incarnation and have no unresolved issues left with, or the one of similar energies that thus feels intimate and pleasant.

Cosmos takes care of us so much that it sends us each a couple of thousands of potential soulmates to appear in the right periods of our lives, so that we never feel lonely.

Soulmates laugh a lot and talk for hours, and it’s always effortless and energizing.

Twin Flame (Twin Soul):

Twin Flames won’t unite easily because their purpose is not to get together in a traditional relationship, but to help each other face themselves and become the ‘wholes’ rather than ‘halves’.

Even though ‘Twin Flames’ has a potentiality of an amazing romantic relationship, it’s erroneous to think of it as solely such. Twin Flames meet exclusively for internal developmental purposes.

Twin Flames are like each other’s mirrors that in an indirect way will have each other face their issues and old emotional traumas that were long buried and will now begin to stir up to the surface. 

Together with that, Twin Flames will help each other acquire missing elements in their personalities which they need to re-acquire in order to feel complete.

Source: What Is The Difference Between Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates and Karmic Relationships


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