What Is Love To You? #Quote 

First off, I would like to apologize for re-doing this post over. The other post, I believed the link was broken, causing the image not to show up.

With that being said, I would like to leave this quote with you all on what love is. You may add to this in the comments your thoughts on what you believe love is to you.

Do you agree with this quote? Tell me in the comments.

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Enjoy your weekend! 🌹

6 thoughts on “What Is Love To You? #Quote 

  1. I do agree with this quote. For many reasons. I think love is something people don’t know how to do without conditions sometimes. I was always told “love has no condition” , yet for all those that have said they loved me – minus a small few, they had some type of reason to not want to love me any longer .. mostly talking about relationships (past relationships) and some friendships. I know when I say I love someone, It doesn’t mean I have to like everything about them but it means I am giving them a part of me and allowing them to be who they are. I think these days, people will say “love” just to say it because it makes someone feel good, but I would much rather someone just say they like me and walk away then to use the word love and walk away for the same reasons. Good post question.


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    1. You are so right, Shay-lon. Some people just parroted the word love, because someone else is saying it. Some take it and the person for granted. It’s not to be taken advantage of.
      Thanks for reading and commenting your thoughts. 😊

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