In Conclusion of Conquering It All- #fiction #MondayBlogs

Later that week, Paris sat on a roomy swing her father made for her near a rose garden she didn’t know her mother had grown. She rocks the swing from side to side reveling in the feel of the wind blowing through her soft pink cotton skirt.

The wind is really picking up as Paris pushes off with her feet and swung back and then forward. The feel of the wind beating against her body felt wonderful. She felt so alive. Her mind felt at ease. Paris felt like she did as a child when nothing in the world seemed to matters, just the feeling she’s feeling right now.

Moments after her pendulum movements, she heard a crackling. She stops suddenly. She looks up and smile. It was her knight in shining armor. Trent.

“Have room for one more?” He smiles through his question.

“I do,” she replied, and slid over for him to have a seat.

Trent wrapped his left arm around her shoulders, and she laid her head back against his broad chest.

Here is where she belongs. They had conquered so much over a year that they thought they might lose each over.

Manipulations, drugs, sex, and lies had gotten in the middle of them and brought on a hardship that made them fight harder than they ever had to fight.

Paris closes her eyes, glad that everything is over. She’s going to have to make sure to keep her therapy sessions; she came too far to mess up… again. So many people had stepped in to help her fight the addictions- narcotics and sex, so she can be a better person she is known to be.

The loss of Mrs. Wahlberg has really gotten her thinking about her own life, especially since she gets frequent visits from the deceased woman.

Mrs. Wahlberg is a very inspirational woman. She taught Paris things in ways her own mother hadn’t. Paris still shed a tear or two for the woman, but the agonizing way she felt; she no longer experienced.

“I love you so much, my Paris,” Trent said, kissing the crown of her head. “I love you too, Trent. Thank you for not leaving me.”

“I will never you. Besides, you mean the world to me. I’m a new father taking on challenging responsibilities that I’m thrilled and about. It gives me hope every time I look at him. It makes me feel that nothing can go wrong and not to give up on things and people that you love. Yeah, everything that has tainted our relationship is over now.” Trent told her, thinking about that horrendous, but satisfying night.

Excerpt from Secrets Unveil.

©2017 Pamela E. Hester

In response to daily prompt: Conquer

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