Give It And Receive With Your Whole Self #poetry #amwriting 

Scheduled post.

I hope everyone is having a great day! Ugh, where have the weekend gone? Seems like it lasts only a few hours. Lol.
Below is a poem of mines I wrote last month to passed the time that I want to share with you all.                                  Love and light. 😊 💞

🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

Look deep within yourself and see the greatness that others failed to see.

See the inner beauty.

The strength.

The energy, fire and drive.

See what you yourself have failed to see, because you felt you weren’t up to someone’s standards. 

Know this: in order to receive love, you also have to give it.

And, give it with your whole mind, body and soul.

However, only to that special person who cherishes you, love unconditionally, take the time to remind you how wonderful you are. And most of all, gives you respect, loyalty and ALL of them.

By: Pamela E. Hester

4 thoughts on “Give It And Receive With Your Whole Self #poetry #amwriting 

  1. This is so true Pam. I find myself reminding others often that if they feel they are lacking something, then they should offer whatever that “thing” is to others (e.g., love, compassion, respect). It’s a challenging thing to understand, but very true. You’ll have what you give.

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