2 thoughts on “Comparison Is Overrated- Be A Better You #Quote 

  1. Love this quote – especially when it comes to authors/books.

    While many use it as a promotional tool, author/book comparisons have always been a pet peeve of mine.

    Whenever I see “for fans of…” or “if you enjoyed….then this book is for you” – I keep scrolling. Some may feel this pulls in a target audience, but TO ME, it simply says the author copied someone else’s writing style. (And NO, I’m not saying they did…it’s simply the message I see.)

    Or, what if the person viewing your book page didn’t care for the book/author referenced? They keep scrolling.

    Or, the reader takes a chance and purchases the book…and feels it’s nothing like the book it was compared to and dislikes it? That author lands on the do-not-buy-ever-again list.

    Better, IMHO, to have an eye-catching cover and a spot-on blurb that captivates and generates interest, backed up by a good story. 😉

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