Being Too Relax With Love #amwriting

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The man was at work finishing up for the day when he received a text message from his wife saying, “Hi honey! Have you left work yet? The meatloaf should be ready when you get in. Let me know.”
The husband smiled at the text, and replied back that he’s about to clock out now. The drive from his job to home is thirty minutes away; not counting how long with rush-hour traffic, since it’s unpredictable.

The man stopped by the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine, and his two children’s favorite dessert- red velvet cake. He was in good spirits and felt like nothing can go wrong for the rest of his day.

At home, he received the surprise of his life. His family wasn’t waiting in the foyer for him like they used to do. The aroma of spices and herbs filled the air. He called out to his family as he went toward the kitchen.

No one answered back. Not even Rox, their German shepherd greeted him. He scrunched up his face, confused by the thought of his family not being in their usual spot like they are to be every time he comes home.

After looking around, lost and confused, he planted his hands on the granite counter and collected his thoughts. No one was home. Where could they be? He wondered.

It wasn’t until he glanced over by the coffee machine he bought his wife for Mother’s Day was a folded piece of paper laying next to it.

He picks it up and after scanning it, hot tears burned his eyes. They flowed like a faucet down his cheeks.

It read:

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the kids and I have left you for good. We couldn’t go on the way things were. We took all we could take from you. You treated us as if we’re only pieces of a chess game, or your own personal servants. I simply couldn’t allowed the hurt to continue.

The divorce papers are on its way for you to sign. If you ever think about finding us and getting custody of the children, or to battle me in court, I have footage and other incriminating evidence of all you’ve ever done to us! So don’t try it.

So, have a happy life with your side piece you didn’t know I knew about; who used to be a man by the way. Lol. You’ve gotten too relaxed. You WILL get what’s coming to you. I’m leaving it in God’s hands.


Your soon to be ex-wife.

P.S. The meatloaf is ready now, and another thing, I always hated coffee. 

The man’s hands shook. Before he could read the letter the second time, the doorbell ring.

He answered the door. The guy in gray said his name. “Yes, it’s me.”

“Sir, you’ve been served. Have a good day.” He left with the man staring behind him and smiled.

“One down, four to go,” he mumbled.


***This is a late post for the daily prompt: Relax.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written stories here. I apologize everyone, stay tuned for more in the upcoming year. I will catch up on all of your blogs soon as well. 😊

Enjoy your day loves!🌹

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