Secrets To Live By- Book 2 (The Secrets Series)

This is Book #2 in the Secrets Series, the sequel to my novel, Secrets Unveil.

Paris and Trenton are back at it again. Still fighting for their love, their lives, and to stay above what life throws at them; even when a witness comes forth, they have to keep moving forward.

When Trenton Devereux was escorted to the police precinct for being a suspect in a mass murder of a group that brutalized his girlfriend, Paris Thompson, she thought she had lost him forever.

Although, Paris blames herself for putting Trent in that situation, she sets out to fight harder for their relationship, even if it means leaving family members or her job behind. The one person she can’t leave behind nor lose is Trent. Her soul mate. An imperfect man who will do anything for her.

She has buried secrets that she wants to keep buried from her family and job, and it’s nearly tearing her apart. She could risk going back to the institution she’s trying to stay out of, and risk having Trent locked up as well.

Trent had no remorse of what happened to the Mackleson crew or fear what awaits him. “They can burn in hell!” is his everyday motto. He never thought to indulge further into witchcraft to get his way or to keep the ones he loves safe, yet he feels like it’s working to his advantage.

When he believes the murder case is closed, new evidence is surfacing. Paris and Trent will have to live by their deep, darkest secrets or face what stands in their path.

Pamela E. Hester ©2016

***Synopsis is subject to change.

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