Voting, Disturbance, and Troublesome People

Today has been an off day for me, as in very bad. From trying to write and think of blog ideas and book ideas, a grown ass person (excuse the language) acted worse than my seven-year old. No matter where  I move, that person followed me and acted like a total jerk. This person would either talk me to death or just plain be loud and obnoxious. This person ignored my pleas that I’m working on something. Why most people doesn’t take writers serious?

Anyway, I went down to the polls and cast my vote. I am anxious though excited for tonight on who will win!

How your day going?

4 thoughts on “Voting, Disturbance, and Troublesome People

  1. Pam, I’ve found that people don’t take writers serious because they can’t see what we’re doing. Most people don’t realize how much energy it takes to put together coherent thoughts that others want to read. Writing looks like a passive activity. Unless they’re writers, they probably don’t understand. I’ve stopped trying to explain it to people long ago.

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    1. You’re right K. Some would say, “how hard can it be to write. It’s simple.” And it’s not. They don’t know especially the ones I know who can’t even write a paragraph. Thank you for commenting.

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