#HurricaneMatthew: We Made It Through

Updated post.

Happy Tuesday everyone! How have your weekend went? This Hurricane Matthew was no joke, a far cry from last year hurricane. This one left flooded streets, down trees, and no electricity. Although, the flooding in my area wasn’t too bad, we endured plenty of down trees which most brought down power lines along with them. Like idiots, my household didn’t once thought we would go without electricity. We’re stuck on last year’s results. 

Our electricity was out for four days, and for some unknown reason, we didn’t bought groceries! Good: most of our food would had wasted, or going bad. Bad: we would starved; which we did and ended up cooking what we could on a grill. Talk about survival, however, it was experience.

Some people had it far worse, like Haiti and parts of Florida who suffered a great deal. People either had lost their lives or homes, or both. My heart and prayers go out to them. I hope all of you are safe. I truly believe this storm had brought people together; communication were in effect, children played outside, mindful of the down trees and such. With this storm knocking out the power, it forces a lot of us, young and old, to spend more time together, playing outside, reading, what have you; I’m glad we’re safe and as well as others and that we made it through the storm.

I’ll catch up on all of your blog as I can. Thank you for your understanding and hope you all are okay.

Much love,

Pamela 💜

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