Witnessing An Abused Love


I’m on the outside looking in.

Witnessing what I feel, yet know is a person being taken advantage of.

Do they know? They had to know. Or, is love so blind that even wearing spiritual glasses, they still can’t or won’t see.

Seeing what is being happened to them, I wringed my hands together, contemplating whether to help this person. Everyday is like a boxing match. They changed. The one they are with had changed them for the worst. They are confusing it with love. It’s not love.

I know the feeling, I’ve been there before, but will they listen to me?

I risked it and warned this person. I’m ignored. I tried again. Ignore, then followed by a block. How can they blocked me for trying to help?

Moral of this story: you can’t help those who refuses help and/or won’t help themselves. If they continue to stay in a toxic relationship; all you can do is pray and wish them well. You see the signs, you lived it. You just want to help because no one had stopped to help you.

Daily Prompt: Witness

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