Reblog: The Space I Now Write Everyday- #amwriting

I’m reblogging this for the Writing Everyday Inspiration assignment. Not much has changed in the space I write everyday- whether it is in my blog or novel- things had ceased to change. Like I’ve mentioned previously in a post, “sometimes you have to get away to find a better way.” There are people who will NOT leave you be and have your best interest at heart; like you do theirs.

The space I write now has improved only a little, but not how it should. I won’t complain about it, however I will take drastic measures to ensure this “situation” does work out in my favor.

When we blog and write our novel, paint, or take photography, we take them serious. It’s because what we do, we take true to our hearts and our souls. Go to a quiet place, if possible, and write, write, write. There’s no particular time to write, you have to MAKE time!

What space do you write everyday, or every other day?

Share your thoughts with us?

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