Choice- The Actions We Take From The Choices We Make #writingprompts


That small two-syllable word can create a great impact in our lives. We make choices all day everyday. Today’s writing assignment asks to write a post on a word- whether it be about choice, regret, home, hope, or secret.

Before you even can get out of bed you made a choice to stay in for a bit longer and go back to sleep, or get up and prepare yourself to make breakfast.

I had once made a serious choice to not take on a job because if wouldn’t have benefited my child. When you don’t have much family support, you choose to do the unthinkable- whatever that may be. I turned down the job a couple months ago and cried because yes, I needed it but I had to start right away and there was no one willing to care for her until I’m off from work.

Long story short, I have another chance and this time I am making a choice to move closer to my mother who will care for my daughter, while I work and have money to also put her in an after-school program she and I been having our eyes on.

Yes, a lot comes with a child but it’s the choices you make to provide, love, and care for them.

It’s the choice you make anywhere for anything to get through life. You either go left, right, forwards, or just turn around. One thing I can say, whatever choice you make, there is always the good and bad to think about.

What choice(s) have you ever had to make? I would love to hear them. 

Have a wonderful Sunday! Take care.

9 thoughts on “Choice- The Actions We Take From The Choices We Make #writingprompts

  1. Shortly after I completed NaNoWriMo last year, one of my writing buddies approached me with a publishing deal. Turns out, she worked for a small, reputable publishing firm. While I know most writers would jump at the opportunity, I had to give it some serious thought. I suffer with chronic, debilitating illnesses that make planning next week difficult. Could I take on a one year commitment? In the end, I said no. I just wasn’t ready to put myself on the line for submittals and deadlines I wasn’t sure I could fulfill. It was definitely the right decision. Just over a month later, my health took a serious downturn that lasted for nearly three months. As I was feeling better and getting back in the swing of things, my husband went into renal failure – Stage 4 Kidney Disease. We’re still riding that roller coaster with dialysis three times a week, and a meeting with the transplant team later this month.

    While that publishing deal looked like a golden opportunity at first, in the end it would have been just another burden to struggle with.

    I’m still plodding along with my debut novel…at a snail’s pace…and am soooo close to finally publishing. I’ll have the book I want, without the added stress. No regrets. 😉

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that had happened. I hope and pray that everything works out for you and your husband. Even though you couldn’t take that publishing deal at that time, like you said, it would have been added on stress; something you really don’t need. After the storm is over, and you are in the clear, you will be able to get your book published. That will be well worth the wait. Hang in there and you will get there. 💜


  2. Love this, and it’s so true! … Congrats on making a good choice (2, at least! 😉) for your baby girl. Being a single mom is not easy (I come from a single parent home for 7yrs of my childhood), and it sounds like you’re doing a great job! 👏🏻😊 Your daughter will (or at least should!) thank you one day for making those hard choices that blessed her life. … Btw, thanks for the like on my post today. You can go back now and read the description. I apologize for the delay! 😉

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