Branding and Blogging: Setting Three Goals

Several months ago, I’ve wrote posts about what my blogging goals are. I had a rough start at first, and then had the dreaded writer’s block. When you blog, you have many hopes. But for me, I can say so far I’m trying harder than I had in the past to participate more in the blogging community. Whether it’s taking WordPress’ blogging and/or writing courses and visiting other bloggers, the percentage is high.

My goals haven’t changed much since then, so here goes:

  • Meeting new bloggers and getting reacquainted with the old ones. (I’m missing some of you-where are you?)
  • Edits, edits, and rewrites? As most of you may already know, my novel, Secrets Unveil had lost its last set of edits. And the sequel is just plain lost. So, I am working on that and will keep you all posted on how it’s progressing.

So, those are the short version on what my blogging goals are. 

What are yours?

Branding and blogging prompt: What are your three goals for your blog?

9 thoughts on “Branding and Blogging: Setting Three Goals

  1. 1. develop myself as a blogger
    2. get my followers back as well (i lost them when i went to self hosting – tear)
    3. turn my blog into something that i can look back on and see growth and change within myself

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  2. Hi love your header photo, would love to be there today instead of a typical damp English summers day!! Was wondering how it is going with the course, I’ve only just started and so em enjoying visiting others who are on it or have recently been on it.

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  3. Good questions! 1) Maintain readership, 2) Continue to deliver inspiration in many forms and 3) keep readers abreast on the new book, The Unhappy Wife, without becoming one of those bloggers who only talks about her book 🙂 This last goal is quite challenging.

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