Secrets Unveil- #fiction #writingwhatwelike

I am still #writing this novel, which is more like re-writing then another round of editing. Just the other day I felt like I needed to go back to do some edits after having a writer’s block drought. When I went and checked, on my Kindle that I for some reason thought it was safe to share with my seven year old, my copies was gone.

Deleted as it was, even the sequel and synopsis, yet thankfully I had once emailed myself copies after making changes each time. I’ve also saved them to Dropbox. But, those are old edits.  New edits are gone. Sigh. 

We writers are creative and come up with something new and better every time.

Take my advice: Always save copies of your novel, synopsis, queries, or what have you to your emails and other secure places.

Take care.

P.S. Don’t forget to click the link below to read the synopsis of Secrets Unveil. Thank you.

This page is about my completed novel, Secrets Unveil. Periodically, I will update this page and let you all know how this novel is progressing.  So, with that being said, check back as often as yo…

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8 thoughts on “Secrets Unveil- #fiction #writingwhatwelike

  1. Pamela

    Good luck with your writing. I know how daunting it can be. Like you, I working on a third novel it’s been tough. So during those mental challenges step away and BREATHE🙂

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