Are You Being Taken For Granted? #YouAreWorthMore

Have anyone ever been taken for granted? Felt unloved? Felt used? A lot of us have, but why? We asked ourselves those questions everyday. Why do we put up with the things we go through? For one, we allowed ourselves to go through. Secondly, we put too much trust in the other person. Never give a person any power over you. Never settle for less and never allow others to bring you down to your lowest. When you are at your lowest, you feel stuck, sinking in what feels like an ever-moving quick sand. One thing about being in quick sand, if there is nothing around to grab and/or hold on to, you’re a goner.

Know that you can overcome any and all obstacles that comes your way. No one but your God has rule over your life and everything within. You are better than what people say you are. They are only drowning in their own sorrows and misery life. The saying is true, “misery loves company”.  And,  it has never been more true. Most of us don’t mean to allow ourselves being used and taken granted for because we are blinded. Invisible strips covering our eyes and only allowing what we think is true to come forth. Instead, we go on and pray that our situation will change; hopefully for the better. Some of us have the strength to move forward, because we had had enough. That is when our destiny goes into effect.  Wouldn’t that be copacetic?

So, whether you are friends, lovers, married,  etc., know who this person truly is before pursuing them and take off your blinders. For, they wear masks, hiding their identity.  They transform from someone you came to like/love and appreciate to someone whom you despises.

So, make it your duty, whether you been mistreated before or not, and know what you are getting into. Don’t put so much trust into anyone who doesn’t mean you any good at all. You have self-worth.  When you know your self-worth, then you will know exactly what I mean. Be happy and rejoice in yourself and in your life. There are real people out there that mean you well.

Take care loves,

Pamela Hester


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