Come Now: An Adult Poem

Today’s poem is by an author named Hilda Carroll, I and found it truly compelling.

I hope you enjoy this poem and that it moves you as it has to me.


Come now.
I’ve been waiting a long time.
And okay, I know I’m not fully ready,
But as they say, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.
Because the rest of the readiness
Can only come through being with you.
I’ve come as far as I can on my own,
I need you by my side to go the rest of the way.
I’ve done the navel gazing,
Self-exploration and reflection.
Enough now—
Only by being with you
Can I complete the journey.
I need to park the analysis now
And go back to making mistakes
That I can learn from.
I’m willing to feel the fear
Of the big reveal
And do it anyway.
But you aren’t here
For me to expose myself to.
You are the missing piece,
So come.

—By Author: Hilda Carroll

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