Give More Love, Have Less Hate


First off, let me say that I am NOT men-bashing or criticizing others. I’m merely sharing my opinions and experiences on the topic. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on the subject.

Lately, I have came to the conclusion to make a drastic change in my life. I have no qualms about it, but hopes that it carry on without any setbacks. No disappointments or negativity.

When you have to question yourself repeatedly whether someone cares about you or even love you; and that aren’t showing you in the fashion they are supposed to, you have to absolutely no choice but to move on. It’s like that saying goes, “you can’t make someone love you.” It’s true.

I am always seeking ways to better myself- career wise and personal. But, I’ll be damn if I’m going to change for someone who can care less if you are breathing or not.

You see, when I first started this blog four years-off and on mind you, it was to help others in the matters of love and relationships (mostly). I found out a couple of years ago that I been neglecting myself and my self-esteem went kaput. I had stayed and dealt with the controlling, abuse, the drama for my daughter. But, it’s more damaging staying than just leaving. In fact, leaving is always better said than done.

I feel that if there’s no real love that is truly, madly, and deeply and you are willing to make it work without the disrespect, miscommunication, and the unnecessary stress, you should just call it quits. Especially if years of the same thing have went by!

People play games-no, coming from where I am, men play games. They can be in their thirties even forties and can tell you what they really want out of life and will string you along within their web of lies and deceit.

Most women go through a lot because we believe the men lies. Or think their controlling, stalking ways is he loving you. No. Nowadays, it takes nearly a year to get to know a person, but, what kind of time do you have? The kind that will protect your heart from- EVERYTHING.

There are people who are searching for something real and wanting to make it work, but you just can’t toy with their feelings.

Feeling are hurt

Spirit is broken

Mind wondering what did I do to deserve this

Wanting to leave but you won’t allow it only when you say so

My mental health is a joke to you

But I will remain strong and move onward without you

To everyone else: any kind of abuse is a dangerous thing and you can not let anyone take you to down that path of destruction.

You are strong. You are beautiful. You will make it out. 


Pamela 💖


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