Where’s That Follow Button?

So, most of you may know that my old site url has went back to the primary url that I first started off with four years back. 

Today I’m finding out that WordPress have me not following you all, and now I have to follow all over again. I only see some of your posts, and I’m not sure what you all are seeing from me on your end. So if you notice unusual activity, please bear with me. 

I thought I was out of the woods, I’m required to find out what else is off- still. See you lovely people soon. 

12 thoughts on “Where’s That Follow Button?

  1. R. K. Brainerd

    I’ve been struggling with finding the Follow button just fine — but then none of the blogs I follow end up in my reader. Seriously, maybe half a dozen bloggers show up, and everyone else I have to go FIND to do anything.

    I feel your WordPress tech-related struggle. X-/

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      1. R. K. Brainerd

        Yeah, they didn’t have any help for me at all. Eventually they just told me to try to “hard refresh” and to email follow those I really wanted to see. Which I thought was exactly beside the point, but whatever.

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      2. Oh wow. No help whatsoever! Don’t know what “hard refresh” is. I had to email my recent activity log, yet I’m still working on it. Best of luck!


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