Find Your Writing Inspiration 

We all can tend to lose what ounce of inspiration we have left when it comes to writing. Whatever piece of writing you have, whether: an article, blog post, your book; don’t lose hope.

I used to shy away from making connections with others; that had always felt awkward- even online! That until I found out the power of making online connections from ALL areas in life. The other things are: reading everything, and getting out of my comfort zone. This past Sunday when I turned another horrifying year, I vowed to get serious about my writing (and everything else) like I’ve done before this 2016 graced us. I had nearly slipped away.

Everyone, please do the things you may have never done before. Definitely go outside your comfort zone. Live your life and take your writing farther than you can reach. Find your writing inspiration. Never be satisfied.

You can and will go far. Happy Tuesday! 🌹

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