Her Caribbean Lover, Part 2- #FreakyFriday

Warning!! Mature adult content.

STOP! If you haven’t read part one, go and read it here first.

She watches as his head bent towards her, she parted her lips, tasting the sweetest kiss she ever tasted.

He deepened the kiss, caressing her soft, wanton body with such urgency his body aches fervently for her.

She moans audibly, feeling him lowering her unto the grassy bank. Her foot fell into the cool water sending a shocking feeling moving up her body. Still, it didn’t halt the desire she felt so deeply.

He lifts his head and searches her face for any tell-tale signs that she has changed her mind, not seeing any. He wanted her for so long and now that he have her, he’s not turning her loose.

Soft, wet kisses trailed up and down her cinnamon brown, flushed skin. He heard the low, sexy moans erupting from her full lips which causes him to give her EVERYthing she requested beforehand.

“Don’t stop!” she calls out. “Give me all you can give. Yes.” She was feverish in his unashamed, crucial lashing of his hot wet tongue.

He stopped to slide off her scant bikini. Piece by piece then hastily tore away his shorts.

He hovers over her, breathing deep as he waited no time as he enters her all at once. She gasps, nearly hollers at the impeccable, heavy size of him.

Searing pain blinded her. She lifted upwards.

Several thrusts tortured her. Her soul at a standstill.

He rocked and stroked, moving faster, until–

They both screamed. The intensity of their lovemaking left them hot, spent, and sticky.

“The air is picking up. Getting cool. Let’s continue with dinner in my room.” She told him as she struggled to catch her breath after some time has passed.

“Mm, so soon? I was hoping we could stay here for a minute,” he suggested, looking around for the blanket he brought with him.

“Oh, much better. Thank you, my handsome Caribbean lover,” she coos as he wrapped the blanket around them.


A bit of erotica for ya. Hope you all enjoy your weekend! 😉


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