Her Caribbean Lover, Part 1

She sat on the grassy, hard bank, contemplating whether to take that swim, or just wait for him to join her.

It has been awhile since she is able to relax her tiring body; work has been hectic and she could really use some time to recoup.

He saw her. There she was as she promised; a poised, curvy, gorgeous woman who saw life as it is anticipating his arrival but on her terms.

Standing tall and muscular, his handsome face took in the soft curves of her body as she slowly dips a foot in the amazingly cool water.

The coolness of the blue-green water soothes her. “Ah,” she moans. This what she waited several months for.

He waited for his cue, not wanting to frighten her with his presence. He waited as she stops to strip out of her clothes to a skimpy, red, yellow, and green bikini that lies underneath. And, he waited still.

She glides into the deep water, smiling in satisfaction as she did. But, it was cut short when she heard a rustling sound. She quickly turns, and there she saw him standing tall and proud.

She smiles seductively and beckons him ever so slowly, watching as he ambles over to where she was. He hastily puts a foot in and grimaces at the temperature of the water. He groans as she softly laughs and held out her arms to him.

They embrace, staring into the other’s eyes. They felt their love rising. Her Caribbean love. She touches his attractive face, noting the longing for her in his eyes. He brushes a finger against her soft lips and bent to taste them…

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